We help our clients plan, implement and optimize the manufacturing and delivery of medical devices. From complex instrumentation and the implants needed to obtain the best outcome for patients around the globe.

Our entire company's core deeply believes in our vision of where we want to go and leverage the skills sets we have and adapt to those we don't. We are an entity consisting of many division's united by the Elite brand. Elite-Medical core businesses are medical devices. We strive to be associated with excellent service and having our customers and the end recipient of our products best interests at heart.

We look for opportunities where we can offer something better, faster, and more valuable to our current client base. Elite-Medical is built on solid ground and not afraid to try new ideas in new arenas. The vision to win in markets through the delivery of service excellence, value for money and innovation will remain consistent for decades to come.

CNC Multi-Axis Milling

CNC 4 Axis Turning

CNC Swiss Machining

Wire EDM

Sinker EDM

Heat Treating

Metal Finishing

Citric Passivation

Nitric Passivation

Hard Chrome Line

Type II and Type III Anodizing Line

Laser Making, Laser Welding and TIG Welding

Vision and CMM Inspection

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Vertically Integrated Service Capabilities

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